On Tuesday October 13, 2020 at 6:05 PM PDT, we experienced Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Exact Station Event. Mercury Retrograde (Until November 3, 2020) always signals a time of Review, Revise and Release and this time we are in for a Scorpion Type Intensity (+/- 16 Days) regarding the Situations, Associations and Endeavors we have to either Review, Revise or Release. On Friday October 16, 2020 at 12:31PM PDT, we experienced the Libra New Moon Exact Station Event. Balance, Harmony, Equality and Fairness are all Libra Themes. This Libra New Moon is All About New Beginnings in the Midst of Old Endings! Old Situations, Associations and Endeavors are coming to an end and New Situations, Associations and Endeavors are Beginning ANEW! Navigating through the Chaotically Intense Waters towards these New Beginnings and away from those Old Endings can be either Liberating or Limiting, with each one of US getting to decide which Water Way to FLOW With. As we Review Our Current Situations, Associations and Endeavors, we must decide which ones are New and Beginning and which ones are Old and Ending, and by making the Positive and Profitable Revision Decisions to the New Beginnings and by making the Self-Healing and Wholeness Releasing Decisions of the Old Endings, we will acquire Emotional Balance Within Our Individual Realities and Emotional Harmony Without Our Individual Realities. What You End NOW Will End Forever and What You Start Now Will Be Around for the Next 7-9 Years, so be Very Specific, I Mean Right Down to the Very Details, Specific, with your choices of Intentional Affirmations and in your Every Thought-Out Decision. What You Set Into Motion SHALL Come Back and Greet You. New Ways and Means of Living, Being and Becoming Our Truth draws each of US towards realizing Our Life Purpose and beginning to BE Our Purpose, instead of just Live It. By Living Your Truth, you transcend the mundaneness of Low-Level Vibratory Activities. By Being Your Truth, you operate only as your Authentic Self, no games and and no gimmicks. By Becoming Your Truth, you penetrate the veil of hypocrisy and BECOME The Rock of Liberty, Peace, Strength and Bliss, you long to experience. Your Individual Cosmic ReBOOT is Here! Embrace New Ways of Thinking and Communicating Those New Thoughts by Revising Your Perspective on those things outside of your control and releasing all things that have no direct effect on your sustenance, sufficiency and/or survival. Conduct a Thorough Review of Every Situation, Association and Endeavor and Every Thought, Action and Belief, currently in your Individual Reality and Absolutely Release everything that is Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially and/or Sexually Toxic, Negative, Unbalanced, Draining and or in any other way, Detrimental to Your Spiritual Wholeness, Physical Wellness and Overall Success. Break The Cycles of Fear and Doubt and The Patterns of Procrastination and Malaise with Daily Affirmations of Power, On Purpose Breathing, Creative Visualization Meditation and Mind Empowering Exercises and start making Better Life Decision, from Better Life Choices and Options, while experiencing the Better Lifestyle You Thristfully Seek. For Every Old Ending There Is A New Beginning, So Make Every New Beginning Your Very Best Ever. Where You Go From Here Is Totally Up To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!