Mark Edward Pyle is a Mastered Self Initiate and Soul (Karma) Reader, with 40 years of study and Master Level experience with Numerology, Astrology, Card Sciences (Standard & Tarot). Mark has perfected his craft by reading, compiling and analyzing 1,000’s of people and business/civic/governmental entities. Mark believes we are more than our Western Astrology Sun Sign and created and developed new ways in how you look at your daily/weekly/monthly & yearly horoscope.

At the age of 8, Mark began having Prophetic Visions. At the age of 13, Mark began his 40-year Esoteric Journey. Mark found his first book on Basic Numerology in the local library and a spark was lit. He then found every book on every esoteric subject he could find and read each book, collecting as much knowledge as he possibly could. Mark began using the principles of Basic Numerology to read and analyze the names of his friends and classmates and started to get a real sense of how accurately Basic Numerology is in the assessment of a person’s character, skills and natural tendencies and abilities.

Next, Mark naturally gravitated to Astrology and found out that, along with Numerology, Astrology added some other things to a person/business/governmental entity and another connection was made. Mark was introduced to The Card Sciences a little later and that further solidified his belief that we are more than our Western Sun Sign.

Mark went to a couple of Junior Colleges after high school, and had a brief stint in the US Navy and a few years of finding himself. In 1995, Mark went through a major personal transformation (Ascension) and because of this, Mark was Ordained as a Minister in July 1996. He founded an Outreach Ministry that serviced Skid Row Los Angeles for 13 years. During that time, Mark also served in the capacity of Pastor and Mission Department President for 2 churches in South Los Angeles, CA. Mark’s Prophetic Gift help countless people during his time of dedicated service.

Also, during this time, Mark embarked upon his 16-year career as an Accounts Receivable/Credit & Collections Manager. He wrote the proposal, created, and successfully managed the Lease Portfolio Department for Hyundai Motor Finance Company and he assisted in the creation of the Credit & Collections Department for Nippon Denso, Toyota’s automotive parts manufacturer. Mark also managed Credit Departments for a major US Steel Service Center, a Major Electronic Appliance manufacturer & Food Packaging company. Mark’s gift and esoteric knowledge were vital components to his daily operations.

ON May 1, 2009, Mark was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He immediately stepped away from his ministry and was unable to continue working. He remembers feeling it as being the “Culmination” or “Ending” of a very challenging period. He had just been through a 7-year period of tremendous hardship & physical struggles. During the 7 years, He “lost” four very good paying jobs, experienced 31 emergency room or urgent care visits, endured 7 different FMLA leaves from work of 6 weeks, being dis-served by 5 different doctors, who gave 7 different misdiagnoses. Experiencing the difficulties that came along with those ER & Doctor visits, the misdiagnosis was very challenging. It took having 11 cancerous polyps removed and 19 months to recover from this. It was during this time that he was given a glimpse of his Mastered Self. Because of his medical issue, he had to change his entire lifestyle. He began to live a total Spiritual Lifestyle and it was in his meditation sessions that he first connected with the Higher Realms.

During the fall of 2012, Mark became aware that Metatron had been communicating with him for most of his life. Mark found Metatron’s Cube and was immediately drawn into it. He began to research Metatron and the more he researched, the more Metatron communicated with him. Mark continues to hold council with Metatron, Thoth and others, nightly, during his sleep sequence. Since September 30, 2012, He embraced his Mastered Self and began to incorporate his Mastered Self Life Guidance System into his daily life and develop it to deliver to the people. Mark has always been very curious about the Why’s & What’s of people. Why do certain people act certain ways? What makes he/she tick?  He always searches for the root causes of things, not just the surface fluff and stuff. He always seeks to maximize efficiencies by minimizing repetitive efforts. He seeks real solutions for real problems and always provides the full picture, so you can make informed decisions that serve your Highest Good.

Mark is a father of 3, grandfather of 7 and in a Committed Soul Mate Partnership.

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