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Digging Deep into Our Past Toxic Relationship Behavior Patterns

June 13th, 2024|Mastered Self Natural Health and Healing|

As society evolves and progresses away from the old systems of oppression, separatism and elitism, more and more we are becoming aware of the subtleties of the dynamics between 2 people that are participating in a traditional (legal marriage) relationship, or in a non-traditional (domestic partnership) relationship, or in an alternative (open or FWB) relationship or in any other type

P.B.’s Lions Gate Mastered Self Affirmations and Intentions

June 9th, 2024|Default|

P.B.’s Mastered Self Affirmations I AM Permanently Cancelling, Nullifying, Negating and Releasing all Past Unauthentic Versions of Mark Edward Pyle, that no longer exist, on this plane, and all Past Unauthentic Versions of Mark Edward Pyle’s Story that were never actual nor factual, that were never based in Apodictic Truth, and that no longer align with My Mastered Self nor

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