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Where We Come to Awaken, Ascend and Expand! 

On The 7’s Mastered Self Academy is your One Stop Shop for everything concerning Self Mastery, Personal Development and Spiritual Awakenings, Ascensions and Expansions. This is the Home of MEPS Mastered Self Numerology, 88 Steps into Your Mastered Self, Mastered Self Assessment, Mastered Self Daily/Monthly/Yearly Soul Vibe, Mastered Self “I AM” Affirmations, Mastered Self Chakra Health and Vibrational Alignment, Mastered Self Master Breath Work and Mastered Self Creative Visualization Meditation. Weekly classes will cover every aspect of Discovery of Self, Self-Mastery and Self Awareness as well as other aspects of a few Esoteric Sciences that will assist you in your Active Pursuit of Self Knowledge. 

Check out the Products and Services tab for a list of offerings that will definitely assist you in your Journey of Self Discovery. There is something there for every Situation, Association and Endeavor you could ever experience. 

Unlock the Cosmic Code of Your Name and Start Happening to Life, instead of allowing Life to Happen to You!

We are Multi-Dimensional Beings. We operate from the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Planes of Existence, simultaneously. For True Manifestation

As society evolves and progresses away from the old systems of oppression, separatism and elitism, more and more we are

Soul Vibe: Episode 3 Taurus New Moon Soul Vibe & Affirmation Manifestation Ritual Also Available On

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Digging Deep into Our Past Toxic Relationship Behavior Patterns

As society evolves and progresses away from the old systems of oppression, separatism and elitism, more and more we are becoming aware of the subtleties of the dynamics between 2 people that are participating in a traditional (legal marriage) relationship,

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