We are Multi-Dimensional Beings. We operate from the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Planes of Existence, simultaneously. For True Natural Health, Wellness and Healing to occur, we must first begin to learn how these dimensions all interact and how they affect our Overall Health Patterns. The term “Metaphysical” literally means “Beyond the Physical” and it actually implies a significant principle of “Beyond the Physical”. As multi-dimensional beings, we must realize that we are Spiritual Beings going through this Human Experience and the Human Part of each of us tends to view ourselves in very limited ways and from tremendously limited perspectives. We must always realize that we are wrapped up in this fleshly suit and that we are subject to all things in and of the Universal Realms, just as much as we are subject to all things in and of the Physical Realm. We are Physical Creations of and from our Spiritual Existence and nothing can ever replace or refute this train of Thought. Each one of us thinks, feels, acts and reacts from a Physical Awareness and because of our Physical Experiences yet we are much more than our Physical Presence. Every Cosmic or Sidereal Thought or Feeling, although not tangibly physical, do affect our physical conditions and perspectives. They are a dedicated dimension of our Soul, and they affect our physical well-being, very strongly and very profoundly.

As we have briefly discussed before, most every ailment, illness and disease originate from a Cosmic or Sidereal or Metaphysical base, point or root and it normally never originates or starts, in the physical body or is a product of the environment. Viruses, germs, bacteria and other forms of potentially harmful pathogens are all arounds us, all of the time. This is how we can know that it is our metaphysical aspects and characteristics that make us susceptible to their manifesting health issues, health problems and health concerns. Unresolved trauma, unbalanced or heavy emotions, toxic attitudes and dysfunctional thought patterns can and will exhaust our natural physical energy and weaken our natural immunity, making us more likely to come down with something like a cold or the flu or manifest some other health problem. Poor diet and a lack of physical exercise, that seem to cause specific ailments, illnesses and diseases have emotional and mental causes and should be carefully considered. Remember this: At the Heart of our Lives and at the Heart of our Health and Wellness, is the Mind. What we think, feel and believe, we set into motion with our thoughts, actions, words and deeds and what we set into motion, shall come back and greet each of us, particularly and especially in regard to our Natural Health and Healing.

At our SoulCore Level of Existence and Consciousness, we have the ability to literally respond to our every thought, action, word and deed, with child-like exuberance. This level also controls and works to maintain our Natural Health. It takes our every thought, action, word and deed and sets them into motion, in order for them to manifest. We must always be very mindful of what we say, concerning our Natural Health and our Physical Conditions. Someone that say they always catch a cold during winter is actually setting that into motion to manifest, in your physical body. Our words are spells and they, when centered around our Natural Health and Healing, most often, manifest in our physical bodies, as self-fulfilling prophecies. This is the level that is responsible for directing much of what is manifested, in our physical bodies and in our personal environments and it definitely reacts and responds to our thoughts, actions, words and deeds. Negative Self-Talk, especially concerning our health, wellness and well-being, announces to this level that we are prepared to receive whatever the subject of the Negative Self-Talk is. This level immediately goes to work, manifesting exactly what it is we have set into motion, with our thoughts, actions, words and deeds. How we talk to and about ourselves has a direct correlation to how our lives actually play out and should serve as a reminder to each of us about being very Kind, to our own self, first and foremost.

One thing is absolutely true and that is this: Our Health is Our Choice. The condition of our health and physical body is our choice. Some people will say that they cannot help how they feel and how or what they think of themselves. Many will complain that this is their experience and that this is how it has been for their entire lives. The saddest part about this is when we choose to continue to allow the negative pattern to rule and reign supreme, in and of our lives, especially when we can definitely change them. We cannot change the Past however, our Future, especially concerning our Future Health, Wellness and Healing, can, will be and is being shaped and influenced by our present and current thoughts, actions, words and deeds. By changing our perspectives, we change our environment. Most of what truly disrupts us and affects our health, in negative ways and means, originates from some form of Negative Self-Talk or from some subtle form of Self-Hate. It is very easy to recognize the Negative Self-Talk or Self-Hate, when we become mindful of it and look for it. Some people constantly scold and criticize themselves. Some people tell themselves that they are too fat, or too thin, or too old, or too young, or too short, or even too tall. Some people over-indulge or abuse alcohol or over-indulge, abuse and become tragically addicted to illicit drugs. Some people just will never exercise while some other people will continuously eat, over-indulge and abuse the wrong foods. Some people will blame themselves for just about any and everything. Some people cannot help but to constantly compare themselves to others while others seem to constantly re-hash previous and past mistakes or assume that they are not good enough to actually do the things they desire to do. We must always be mindful of the fact that each individual is responsible for their own thoughts, actions, words and deeds and that each individual will suffer only their consequences, the good, the not-so-good and the indifferent.

Should we continually focus on the Negative, we create imbalance in our Mental and Emotional Selves and these imbalances will work themselves into our Physical Bodies as ailments, illnesses and diseases, eventually. For many people, ailments, illnesses and diseases is an acceptable way of giving up without having to publicly proclaim it and without having to face the assumed failures. Society, our family, friends, co-workers and other close associates except most or certain ailments, illnesses and diseases as a legitimate excuse for the person not being able to fully participate in life. Some illnesses can be manifested as a form of acceptable suicide, without the stigma. Some illness serves as a convenient reason for people to blame their inherent sense of failure on, while other simply injoy the attention they receive or they injoy having a built-in excuse for doing or not doing certain things in their lives. Regardless, ailments, illnesses and diseases manifest for myriad reasons, and we should be very mindful and careful about jumping to conclusions or pointing fingers in accusation. Each Individual Natural Health Journey is Unique and one person’s form of suffering in no more significant than another person. What is important is discovering the location of and the finding of the cause or causes of the ailment, illness or disease and starting the process of healing.

People put themselves in the position to manifest ailments, illnesses and diseases thereby creating sickness for many reasons. Here are a few of those reasons:

To Force Yourself to Learn and Grow

To Foster Compassion in Themselves and Others

To Learn Something about Responsibility

To Provide the Ways and Means for the Transition we call Death.

To Generate Love and Attention from Others

To Help Teach Others

To Stimulate a New Perception of Life and its Processes

To Cleanse the Body of Toxins and Poisons accumulated, in the body, from outside sources and external forces.

Each person’s reason is unique to them and them, alone. We each must identify our own reasons and patterns, that triggered the ailment, illness or disease, as a way of ushering into the State of Natural Health and Healing.