There is a powerful Taurus New Moon, that will station exact, this evening @ 8:24 PM PDT that brings a tremendous boost of creative energy and it also ushers in a new phase in how we approach personal and professional relationships, partnerships and associations. This Taurus New Moon is said to be “Exalted” in this Mother Earth Sigh which is where our Tender, Gentle and Compassionate Moon is able and ready to perform some of her greatest and most significant work as she will be operating at her Optimal Frequency and Vibration. We should be feeling well grounded and we should be able to fully ground ourselves if we are not, during this transit however, with Uranus being extremely close to this lunation, @ 4%, the certainty and depth of our Groundedness may fluctuate, at this time. Uranian Energy is Unexpected, and Untamed and Very Exhilarating, and everything that is ruled by Taurus, concerning our intimate relationships, and our finances and income potential, and our home as a base of operations as well as our inner sense of stability and security, have been experiencing the stretching, pulling and recreation of transformation since Uranus arrived in Taurus in 2016. Just take a moment to think about how the mere definition of “relationship” has taken on a more “Open” and “Freer” connotation, and think about how alternative currencies has come to the forefront as well as society leaning back into the idea of Communal and Nomad Living.

Venus is the ruler of this abundantly luscious and delightfully delicious Taurus New Moon and is also hanging out very close to this Cosmic Event, as well, and she is very comfortable and very cozy and very confident, in the sign that houses her. Venus does have an expansive square to Pluto (Currently Retrograde in Aquarius) that serves as our cautionary alert of the very intense, and very deep and very powerful shifts of our personal perspectives concerning our personal morals and values, and concerning our relationship status and standards, and concerning our finances and our current income earning capacity. The Obstacle that we each must overcome is that of being able to release our individual holds on the status quo and for each of us to step completely out of our individual comfort zones, to blaze new trails and to seek out new paths and destinations. Being mindful of and able to see the potential for healing is critical and vital and available, during this lunation. Now is the time for each of us to shed our individual defense shields and to allow for deeper and more significant connections with others, to occur and take root. As this Taurus New Moon stations direct, we definitely should be expressing ourselves artistically and seeking to enhance romance in our lives. And, as we set our individual intentions for the months ahead, Now is the time that each of us needs to seriously embrace and express the Odd, the Unusual, the Eccentric, the Weird, the Unorthodox and the Out-of-the Ordinary about ourselves, with a completely open and clear Mind and with a willingness to embrace forward progress and with an eagerness to do things differently than we have always done things in the past.

Overall, we each may feel a very real sense of renewal once the Taurus New Moon stations direct later this evening. The Moon is exalted whenever it transits Taurus, which will give each of us many opportunities and some new abilities to center and secure ourselves and this should make each of us feel very safe and assist each of us in fully grounding ourselves and aligning with our Highest Good Purpose. As we each consider the next 6 months, we must become mindful of and seriously define our own individual self-worth, as well as thinking about everything we individually value. This should help each of us as we set our individual New Moon Intentions and launch our individual New Moon Affirmations concerning what we desire to manifest during this next 6-month cycle. Focus on building a Most Beautiful and Secure Life and Lifestyle and Be Authentically You, Unapologetically.

Zodiac Native New Moon Soul Vibes

Aries Native

As we travel through this Taurus New Moon transit, now is the time for you to take a serious and honest look at your finances, and your income earning capacity as well as your material reality, with your thought energy focused upon how you can initiate, create or introduce something new, or something innovative or something inspiring into each of these areas in your Current Reality, My Ascending Aries Natives. By becoming more mindful of Self, during this transit, you will be called upon to examine yourself for any latent, hidden or dormant skill, talent or ability that you can either use more effectively and efficiently or that you can get more production and profit out of. Start thinking about how you can increase and expand everything in and of your life, especially concerning your checking, savings and retirement accounts. Now is the time that is definitely okay for you to be just a little bit materialistic. Everybody is doing whatever they have to in order to survive and thrive. You certainly deserve to live the life you dream of, full of all of the luxury, success and recognition that comes your way. All you have to do is to fully and completely believe in yourself, and release any and all guilt, shame, trauma and self-doubt and get yourself busy manifesting your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits.

Taurus Natives

This Taurus New Moon is snuggling up with you, all cozy and sexy and Shyt, all up in your sign, being cool, hanging out and chilling, My Ascending Taurus Natives. This Taurus New Moon is all up in your business and giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of it. This is definitely your time to be in the spotlight, shining brightly and brilliantly, as you confidently step up on the World’s Stage, fully empowered and ready to conquer your portion of the World and make your way into your place in Society. Even though they may not come in the forms you are expecting, many opportunities will be arriving for you to spread your wings as you step out of your comfort zone. Now is the time for you to fully embrace the New Opportunities and Possibilities coming your way. The Old is decaying and rotten and fading away, and the new is seriously calling you, so you cannot hold onto the old ways and means of Living and Being. This has become oh so obvious to you these past few years. Here is some of the best advice I could give you, right now: Make time to fully dive into the deepest parts of your Soul and allow healing to take place, organically. This Taurus New Moon is All About You. What you do with all of this Cosmic Favor is totally up to you. Now is the time for you to be self-centered and to spare no expense. You deserve to start anew, and fresh and totally satisfied with what you have and where you are headed.

Gemini Natives

Normally, and for everyone else in the Zodiac, New Moons are all about New Beginnings yet, for you My Ascending Gemini Natives, this Taurus New Moon is centered around and influencing the area in your chart that deals with endings, completions and graduations, and you closing the door on everything toxic and traumatic in your life, and for you to finally close and complete certain cycles, and for you to acknowledge and break certain patterns. There is no mistake about this and there is no use resisting any of the endings, completions or graduations that take place, during this transit and in the weeks and months to come. Now is the time for you to eagerly embrace these closures and for you to finally extricate yourself from every excuse, and every reason, and every issue that has been and will continue to hold you back if you do not take full advantage of this opportunity you have to secure your personal freedom. Now is the time for you to take a bold yet covert leap of inner faith and start that entrepanuerial endeavor or spiritual journey you have quietly and secretly been contemplating. Start it in the background and out of plain view and keep it private and secret as you cultivate it and nurse it along to maturity. This is the time for you to be authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly.

Cancer Natives

New beginnings are always times of excitement, nervous tension and optimism and this Taurus New Moon is filled with all of this and so much more, for you, My Ascending Cancer Natives. Refreshing yourself and updating your personal and professional profiles will be highlighted at this very special cosmic event. Now is the time for you to refresh everything about you and your persona, as you reconnect with your “folks”, and your people, and your inner circle or whatever name you have for those that you are close to and that you trust the most. No matter how big your plans are, always remember that you have an available network of support that is always a phone call, text or email away. Use Them, NOW! During this transit and in the coming months, you will be appreciated, accepted and loved more than you ever have been before. The key to this is for you to be authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly.

Leo Natives

This Taurus New Moon adorns you with all of the Newness, and all of the Sparkle, and all of the Glitter that you secretly and quietly desire, My Ascending Leo Natives. Just so you know this, Taurus rules the area in your chart that deals with your vocation, and your career path, and personal goals, and your professional certifications and your “calling”, or your “purpose” or whatever that “thing” is, that you are meant to do during this incarnation. Do not get it twisted, either, as we each have that certain “thing” that we each feel we are meant to do while we are here. Regardless of the avenues of adventure your pursuit of your individual “thing” takes you on, know this: You never have to fit into anyone else’s pre-determined box and that you have the power to prevent those situations, circumstances, events and happenings from ever happening in your Current Reality. Now is the time for you to fully embrace the Weird, the Odd, the Obscure and the Mysterious about yourself and for you to be authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly as you begin to fully express your real and true self. Nothing else will ever be more important than this.

Virgo Natives

Are you ready to embark upon the most nerve-racking and transformative adventure of your life? You see, normally, you are the best at the “coming up with the plan” and at the executing of those plans accordingly yet, at this Taurus New Moon, your interesting relationship with all things “adventure and your ability to make and stick to carefully crafted and thought-out plans will seem to short-circuit, crash or otherwise become unavailable. No matter how careful you are about your plans, no matter how many times you dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”, and no matter how many times you check your figures, nothing, and I mean, absolutely nothing, will go according to plans. Now is the time for you to bust out of your safe and secure comfort zone and spring into action and fully embrace change and the unexpected. The very best part of the true essence of adventure is in that by being authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly, you will receive the assurance, from your Soul, that you are finally on your Right Path.

Libra Natives

As far as New Moons go, this is one of the most significant New Moons you will ever go through, My Ascending Libra Natives, as you are definitely in line to receive a major boost and huge favor from the Universe when the Taurus New Moon stations exact later this evening. You see, you are someone that gives, from a pure heart, sometimes until it hurts you, and this time around, you are the one that will be on the receiving end. All that you have previously launched out into the Cosmos will be beginning to come back and greet you, during this transit and in the months ahead, so be mindful and pay very close attention to this delicate mix of some very big and some not-so-big surprises regarding your finances, your income earning capacity, and your receiving of material gifts. UN-BALL YOUR FISTS! This Taurus New Moon guarantees that a myriad of delightful and delicious personal and professional developments, events and happenings will be coming your way, during this transit and in the months ahead. Now is the time for you to pay your bills and balances, in full, and not attempt to slide by and duck your obligations and responsibilities. Now is the time for you to be authentically and self-centeredly, and for you to relax, and for you to release your grip on the outcome of things, and for you to align with your Natural Flow and just Flow!

Scorpio Natives

As Taurus is your opposite sign, this Taurus New Moon is an extra important New Moon, centered around and concerning your perspective on intimate and inter-personal relationships, and how you can create healthy and lasting intimate, inter-personal and professional connections. There has been a quiet yet bubbling feeling inside of you, signaling that you are getting close to finally meeting and connecting with that special someone that will satisfy all your intimate and affectional needs, wants and desires, and that just might be what is going to happen for you. A word for the wise: Do not get hung up on the packaging or the initial anxiety, as they may be totally different than anyone you thought you would attract into your Reality. Your recent relationship journey has been one of exploration, and one of finding out just what you really want in a mate, companion or life partner. It has been unusual, exciting and a little bit unnerving. All manner of relationship statuses and options are on the table, for you to consider, and whatever you choose will be right for you. Now is the time for you to fully embrace this new way and mean of relating, and of doing things, even when it pushes you way out of your comfort zone. When all else fails, be authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly, and remember you are your own safe space and security.

Sagittarius Natives

Is it time for you to create and establish a new and fresh daily routine? Or is it time for you to shake up your daily life and relieve yourself of the humdrum existence you are currently operating in, My Ascending Sagittarius Natives? It most certainly is time for a shake up, and this Taurus New Moon is just what you need to jumpstart this major transformation project that is set before you. You are always ready for the next new adventure and yet, at the same time, and just like everybody else, you vitally need some structure and stability, in and for your life, in order for you to operate optimally. Well, the Universe has heard you and is providing you with a delightful blend of both adventure and security. This may manifest as you accepting a new job in the coming months or it could simply be something as small as you being able to injoy more freedom and autonomy in your current vocation. Now is the time for you to seek out and search for better and unique ways of taking care of yourself Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Emotionally, and in all other areas that mean the most to and for you. This Taurus New Moon is doing big things for you, just make sure you be authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly and do not ruin everything by overthinking anything.

Capricorn Natives

Your creativity, and the way you creatively express yourself springs up, from deep within you, at the SoulCore Level when the Taurus New Moon stations exact later this evening, My Ascending Capricorn Natives. All of a sudden, you are now ready to release your eccentric and odd side to the World, and to showcase and reveal your strange assortment of hobbies, gifts, talents and capabilities, without any fear, without any shame, and without any self-doubt. This is an important point in your transformation and transition into fully embracing and unleashing the mystical and magickal side of you that is often overshadowed and controlled by the conservative side of you. Now is the time for the Mystical Magician, from your SoulCore Level, to show up bravely, and to boldly show its Ever-Perfecting Craft, to the World. BTW: Just in case you are wondering, Real Love is on its way, to you, as well. It can be a totally new love that shows up, or it could be repairing and improving the love you currently have, either way, it is go time in the Love and Romance department for you. You will definitely feel an active enlivenment of the connections in your life happening within your Current Reality, and by being authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly, you will be finding new ways and means of giving, purely and from your Soul, that are oh-so-sweet, indeed.

Aquarius Natives

This evenings Taurus New Moon has some very similar influences and energy that has been affecting you since last week, with a little bit of a twist of fate and a twist of fortune, My Ascending Aquarius Natives. The Universe is eager to assist you in the shifting of your foundations that you rely upon and are important to you. Be they your actual physical roots, or your current place you live in, or your psychological and intellectual platforms you stand on, daily, now is the time for you to be authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly by simply Start Moving—Be that Moving Forward with your back-burnered passion projects, or moving forward with finding a suitable new place to live or just moving, in general, after staying stagnant and in a state of stasis for such a long time. Please be advised that there may and will be a few sudden endings and some chaos associated with said endings and yet, through it all, there will be some much sought after rewards of personal freedom and liberation, and you will be empowered to finally break free from any chains that have held you in some false sense of domestic bliss, as a result. Now is the time for you to be completely open to the excitement heading your way and for you to not project any diseased or wounded thinking into your new situations, associations and endeavors. You are coming out of your shell and reframing and refreshing your perspectives.

Pisces Natives

This is an exciting time for you, personally, and concerning everything new, as we experience the Taurus New Moon later this evening, My Ascending Pisces Natives. There will be new destinations to embark upon, new adventures to experience and injoy, new concepts and principles to learn, and your fingers and Soul are very anxious to create, and your Mind is willing to expand. You will be dancing a delicate dance between staying safe and secure in your comfort zone against venturing out into the vast unknown, and you can be assured that you will ultimately find your exact balance. You naturally always know where the current is and now is the time for you to just jump right in and go with your natural Flow and to trust the ensuing chaos, and to embrace all of the gooiness of excitement, all along the way. Now is the time for you to be authentically you, unapologetically and self-centeredly and for you to be bold enough to go where you have never gone before, as the World, and your Tribe, are waiting for you.