Have you ever stopped and asked yourself one of the following questions: Is there really a thing such as “Love at first sight”? Is the concept of Soul Mates real? Maybe you feel that you are with your Twin Flame or at least know whom they are. Maybe you have met someone that you feel like you already “know” them. You may be asking yourself “Why does this one feel so right? I have answers FOR these and similar questions.

Maybe you are wondering why you continue to attract partners that end up NOT being what you need, want or desire. Maybe you are wondering if your current partner is being unfaithful. Are you asking yourself, “Is my current partner cheating on me? Will my potential cheat on me? Maybe you are asking yourself, “Does my potential partner have any hidden issues such as drug addiction or alcoholism? Maybe you have asked yourself, “How is it that I always end up right back “Here”, which is alone and either disappointed or angry, however alone, once again? I have answers FOR these and similar questions.

Maybe you are asking yourself this question: “What is the common denominator in all of my failed relationships?” Does “I am not going to change for anybody” or “You have changed”, “We just don’t have any fun anymore!” or ” You don’t want spend any time with me, anymore” or “Your friends are more important than me” & “We have grown apart” sound familiar? I DEFINITELY HAVE ANSWERS FOR THESE AND SIMILAR QUESTIONS.

I have created a couple of reports that can answer these and every other relationship question before the relationship actually starts. I can take both partners Natal Charts, Numbers & Card Influences and determine if they are Soul Mates, Soul Matches or just another Cosmic Collision. My Relationship Compatibility Assessment will take each partners Mastered Self and compare, contrast & combine each critical relationship aspect and give the complete analysis of the relationship. I mean, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly & Unexpected of the entire relationship is available, in Today’s terms, for each partner and each partner will get a clear picture of how the relationship will go in terms of compatibility with each other. My Couples Synastry Assessment takes a look at how the two Souls will meld together as one and how many times you have been together, in Past Lives.

Each report will list your compatibility & synastry High, Middle & Low strength influences and offer corrective insights for the times when things will not be as smooth as they could be. This vital information will help you determine the long-term potential of your current or potential intimate partner. The valuable information contained in these reports will save you much heartache and can give you critical knowledge into the Soul Inclinations & Habits of your current or potential partner.