Are you a person that has always felt a certain pull to one city or another? Is your business, at its current location, not maximizing the fullest of financial capabilities? Are you looking for a fresh start at a new place? Relocating to another city/state or country can be the most important move a person or business can endeavor. Relocating to the RIGHT city/state or country can make the difference between prosperity and positive outcomes and poverty and negative outcomes. Being able to know what your influences are for a particular relocation would give you the best available information to make this most critical decision.

I have created the “MEPS” Mastered Self Auspicious Relocation Chart. I take the personal information of the relocation person/people/business Natal Charts, Numbers & Card Influences and I then calculate the various planetary, numerical & card influences to determine exactly how your experiences will go for any relocation endeavor.

My report will list your compatibility & synastry High, Middle & Low strength influences and offer corrective insights for the times when things will not be as smooth as they could be. This vital information will help you determine the long-term potential of your relocation. The valuable information contained in these reports will help you make an informed decision about the actual viability of your relocation.