This is definitely a Mercury kind of week, especially since every major planetary and cosmic event will be centered around and heavily influenced by the Planet of Communication, Information, Intellectual Processes and Transportation. As you can see, Mercury is much more than just talking it up with other people. Mercury is considered as the highly changeable and very intelligent Messenger of the Cosmos and so much more. Mercury is a Creator and the Master Manifestor, as well as a forward-thinking Teacher, Student and Alchemist. Because of all of this, we are now able to align with this energy and tap into these vibrations and frequencies, as we draw these qualities near to our Soul and begin the process of Becoming the Master Creators of Our Own Individual Realities and the Master Navigators of Our Individual Soul’s Journey.

Kicking off this Mercury-Ruled Party is a stabile and pragmatic sextile between Mercury and Saturn happening on Monday. We need to become very mindful, and very clear headed and focused on defining, planning and implementing a realistic and reachable goals, desires and active pursuits concerning every aspect of our Latter Life Reality and how we truly want to live and be during our latter life and years.

Mars and Chiron conjoin on Wednesday leading each of us towards diving even deeper into our anger, pain and unresolved trauma issues, as our anger and pain can and will serve as our best teachers and definitely can assist in finding solutions that will alleviate the anger, pain and trauma in ways that facilitate inner healing and personal growth.

Mercury continues to heavily influence the weekly vibe on Thursday with a cool and smooth conjunction with Uranus. This is the day for those “Eureka” Moments to come in hard and heavy, where we could be changing our minds and course correct, without notice and without consideration. Now is the time for each of us to scrutinize every instant assumption and to slow down any hasty or hurried decisions.

We close out this week as Jupiter trines Transformative Pluto on Sunday. This is a Wealth Signature and should cause each of us to focus on the areas in our lives that can use this fortunate placement to create abundance and material wealth for ourselves. Wealth doesn’t have to just be money. Think Spiritual Wealth. Think Relationship Wealth. Think Intellectual Wealth. Think Emotional Wealth. Think Mental Wealth. You get the picture? I know you do. Expect some big transitions and remember that changes come after the destruction of previous strongholds. Not to worry, though, as everything that is torn down will be re-built, much better than before. Wisdom will be coming to you either concealed or somehow buried away, like a treasure. Now is the time for each of us to go deeper than the surface, in search of the answers to our questions and for the revelation of unexposed secrets. Seek and You Will Be Shown.

A couple of hours later, Mercury finishes off this week’s vibe in a silky-smooth sextile with Neptune. Now is the time for each of us to Fall Back in Love with our original Muse, OURSELVES! Finally, we have the time to implement and move forward with manifesting our realistic and reachable goals, desires and active pursuits. No matter what, just go ahead and get started, stay focused and Manifest Your Ass Off.

Zodiac Natives Mastered Self Weekly Soul Vibes

Aries Natives

There is one tremendously major planetary aspect happening for you in your intimacy sector this week, and that is the conjunction between your Ruling Planet Mars and the Wounded Healer Chiron, My Ascending Aries Natives. This is the beginning of the unfolding of certain and specific hurts and pains, caused by traumas of the past and repeated during relationship cycles, that are vitally important to resolve, release and reassign. We all know that you can become very aggressive and defensive, when challenged, which is attempting to mask or cover-up your deeper and heart-felt emotions. Now is the time for you to go deeper, if you can stand it, and to feel every hard and hurt feeling, and for lowering your weapons of defense, which will allow for tremendous healing, which is available, for you, should you take advantage of the opportunities.

Taurus Natives

With a Cool and Smooth conjunction between Mercury and Uranus happening Thursday, all of the action for the week is brought to your front door, by way of quick-hitting, exciting and somewhat unexpected changes, My Ascending Taurus Natives. The changes that you will experience, first appear likely on the Mental Plane and in your thoughts, where your perspectives can and will change without the slightest warning. Now is the time for you to embrace these fresh and new perspectives and for you to take the bold and courageous steps towards coming out of your intellectual and emotional comfort zones. Be brave enough to say something absolutely shocking or provocative, and become the rebelling instigator, confidently marching to your own beat and rhythm. Make the distinctions about those things that are holding you back and then do something different, for different results.

Gemini Natives

With the transitional trine between Jupiter and Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, this will be a tremendously powerful week for you, My Ascending Gemini Natives. You can expect a few personal transitions. You can expect the foundation beneath you to earthquake. You can expect your perspectives and your beliefs to be permanently altered in ways that will not allow them to ever go back to the way they were. There is no way that you will be able to go through this and then see things in the ways you have seen them before. Your Personal Blinders are coming off, for good. This is exactly what is needed and is good for you, this week. Now is the time for you to fully embrace and encourage yourself, as you come into your Personal Power, just as your Individual Soul’s Journey calls for. Go ahead and throw the first blow and prepare for the best fight of your life.

Cancer Natives

There is nothing wrong with changing your Mind or moving the goalposts, when necessary, My Ascending Cancer Natives. Just when you think everything is running smoothly, here comes some new information or a new process that changes the way you do things and the course you are on. With all of the uncertainty swirling around you this week, the changing of your Mind and necessary course corrections are ones you should willfully accept and fully embrace. Now is the time for you to really take a fresh and new perspective on exactly what your Future can actually be like, which is a good thing for you, right now. The focus should be on only you and not on what others may think about you and what you are doing. Be mindful and diligent concerning the endings, completions and graduations that will be presenting themselves to you, as you shift with the changing tide, this week.

Leo Natives

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships and More Relationships. This week is all about you navigating to and through your various shifting relationships, My Ascending Leo Natives. Certain relationships and inter-personal connections are currently up for a major shift, or for an upgrade and renewal, or for a cancellation and refund, and this can be with your intimate partner, casual acquaintance, family member, co-worker or group of friends. Even though you are never a fan of change, being a fixed sign that prefers to be in full control, now is the time for you to release your grip in these situations and allow for the Natural Process to take place. If you have to let go, just let go and move forward, with grace and confidence. Trust in the fact that no matter what comes up, everything will work out in your favor and some bonds will be strengthened more than you could have imagined. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, as Power Struggles Create Powerful Struggles. Get the picture? I know you do!

Virgo Natives

Mercury is your Planetary Ruler thereby making this week all about you and how you relate to others. Actually, this week is all about you and your relationships with those in your life that serve as Teacher, Seer or Guide, My Ascending Virgo Natives. There is someone that is serving in one of these roles and it may even be a role reversal of some sorts, as you are normally the one in the role of Teacher, Seer or Guide. What a welcome happening to have someone that is on your same or similar level, for once. Even though a lot of what they have to share with you will come as a complete shock to your Mind and Soul, this is exactly what you need in order to awaken from the Deep Sleep you came into this transit with and will foster in a new way of you seeing and experiencing the World around you.

Libra Natives

There is a huge cosmic imprint happening for you, with the conjunction between Mars and Chiron in your relationship sector, My Ascending Libra Natives. This is not an easy transit to manage and your ability to navigate to and through some delicate relationship issues will be on full display. There will be someone very close to you displaying the mannerisms of a 5-year-old child throwing toys around while having a tantrum, being all defensive and Shyt. You will definitely have to exercise extreme patience in order to handle the highs and lows of the outburst and in order to see through their defenses. Encourage them to be completely vulnerable with you and then ask yourself this: Is this relationship really worth all of the drama and all of the turmoil and if the answer is YES, then go ahead and be the calming influence needed to settle the seas and right the ship. However, if the answer is NO, throw all dead weight overboard and keep on sailing.

Scorpio Natives

This is the week for you to absolutely relax, slow down and take it relatively easy, My Ascending Scorpio Natives. By pushing yourself too hard, you take the chance of really hurting yourself, and hurting the progress that you have made regarding your inner growth and Shadow Self Work and that is definitely the Juice that is not worth your Squeeze, for you, this week. Yes, you have a few projects that you want to complete or progress forward and YES, you have an intense schedule you want to maintain, and YES, you have courage, energy and enough boldness to pull it all off, yet what could you be possibly keeping concealed, buried or are avoiding, beneath your surface feelings is the main question for you to ponder. Ask yourself this: What is my motivation and what is pushing me, so hard? Now is the time for you to breath deeply, and for you to STOP and make significant time for your own self-care and self-love regimens. You can take off your warrior garb, from time to time, and ask for the help that you really need. The Cosmos has Your Back. Trust That!

Sagittarius Natives

Your Ruling Planet Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, marvelously and powerfully trines Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, this week, My Ascending Sagittarius Natives. Currently residing in your relationship sector, it is all about how you can leverage your connections in order to assist you in making your way into the World and in order for you to jumpstart your own forward progress. This week is all about your collaborative efforts, and the sharing of ideas, and of being a part of a team or a team player. Now is the time for you to allow your relationships and collaborative connections to morph into exactly what you see them as and need them to be. Now is the time for you to have those BIG and Necessary conversations, you know, the ones that you have been avoiding or rescheduling. These are definitely pushing your hot buttons yet they are definitely here to empower you, once everything has been said and done. So, go on and take that leap into the difficult knowing that all will be much better for doing so. The worst part is getting to the first part.

Capricorn Natives

Wealth, Power, Authority and Standing. These are your most favorite words and most vital necessities for you, and your life and lifestyle, My Ascending Capricorn Natives. YES, you also love Creativity, Mysticism and Magick, yet just not at the moment. Now is the time for you to completely focus on how to leverage your work or vocation to create and bring you more financial abundance, more material wealth and more honor. Promote Yourself. Promote Your Brand. Promote Your Services. Motivate Yourself. Refine Your Ambitions. Reward Your Efforts. Use every skill, talent and natural ability given to you by Source Creator to elevate yourself into the places and spaces that are meant for you. Trust your ideas and lean into your innate ability to create something out of nothing. Let no one tell you differently and let nothing stand in your way and be open to the intriguing innovations that will lead you to your desired results.

Aquarius Natives

The Planet of Transformation, Pluto, is currently in your sign for a 20+ year transit, marvelously and powerfully trines Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, this week, My Ascending Aquarius Natives. This is like a totally Awesome and WOW planetary event. Your creative juices and your creative self-expressions are alluring, captivating and even a little intoxicating, even for you. You are High, Stoned and Inebriated on Your Possibilities, and on Your Passions, and on Your Enthusiasm and you are quite ready to put any and everything into motion based solely upon these feelings of passion. Now is the time for you to focus all of your thought energy and productive efforts into that one thing that you are currently manifesting. It could be something very small and subtle or it could be something very, very large and apparent. Go BIG or Stay Home. If you can’t run with the Big Dawgs, Stay Yo Ass on the Porch should be your manta for this week. Doing things right is always better than doing things just to keep busy. Now is the time for you to Move On, and to Move Up, and to Move Forward.

Pisces Natives

There will be a smooth interconnection between your great ideas and your practical action being put into motion, this week, My Ascending Pisces Natives. As you can be considered not the most practical sign in the Zodiac, this may sound like soothing suave and calming ointment for your somewhat weary Soul. This week has the potential of showing you just how capable and proficient you truly are. You will be shown that you definitely do not need anyone to handle your non-essential duties, and that you actually never needed anyone to do anything for you, as you have always been very capable of doing it all for yourself. Regardless, you do have a wonderful team of support and they are ready and available to assist you, should the need arise and you decide to reach out to them. This is all completely up to you. You definitely will be experiencing some major shifts in the ways you see and process things and you may not notice it until later on. You are ending cycles, completing lessons and closing the door, consciously, willfully and/or otherwise.