For the Week of May 13-19, 2024

If you have been waiting on a truly scrumptious and a truly mouth-watering deliciously good week, then this is the week we have been waiting on, for quite some time, packed full of quite a few delectable surprises in store, for each of us during the week of May 13-19, 2024. With Taurus Season now being in Full Swing, everything that we think, feel, believe and say will be colored with the deliciousness, pleasure and sensuality that Taurus is known for. Yesterday saw the Sun and Uranus join forces, in a delightful and powerful conjunction that encouraged each of us to boldly break out of our carefully crafted comfort zones, as we push the extreme limits of our personal boundaries, in order to locate and start to express a brand-new persona, character, identity and/or personality. Even though Taurus is safe and cozy in their comfort zones, we each still will be pushed into defining, redefining and establishing our personal identities. Maybe you are considering dying your hair a radical color, or you are considering drastically cutting your hair after having a certain hair style for a very long time. Maybe you are considering exploring a radical relationship, or you may be considering experimenting with an alternative relationship status. Have Magnificent Fun while experimenting with the possibilities of who you desire to be and what you desire to do.

Now is the time for each of us to take a risk, of some sort. Some may need to take a financial risk on a promising yet unknown entrepanuerial endeavor. Some may take a relationship risk by venturing into a status that has never been considered before. Whatever the risk is, make sure it is a cautious one and dive head-first into this new territory. Now is the time for each of us to Expand our Values and for each of us to take full advantage of every Growth Opportunity that presents itself, should we each decide to take them. This is the week to let your Freak Flag Fly, and for kicking tradition in the ASS, and for progressively moving forward. Also happening yesterday, Venus ran up against Saturn via a Sextile that offered each of us the necessary mental and emotional courage to reach out and express unspoken or unknown feelings for someone “special’ and it also gave each of us the wherewithal to follow through with all commitments that we know are going to further our progress, and that empower our productivity.

On May 15th, Mercury will begin its transit into and through Taurus. Mercury’s Retrograde ended on April 30, 2024 and its Retrograde Shadow Period ended May 13th. With this transit, Mercury will be taking his slow and methodical time, to make up his Mind and get moving, full speed ahead. After spending so much time in Aries, we each should appreciate this slower and calmer change of pace for the Messenger Planet. However, it is tremendously important that we each stay very mindful because on Friday May 17th, Mercury will collide with Pluto in a Harsh Square, which will bring with it much intensity, and depth, and it will be showering each of us with a little bit of obsession. Rest assured that each of us can handle every bit of this transit as long as we have our Soul’s Cosmically Aligned, and our Mind’s Relatively Clear and our Eyes (Spiritual and Actual) Wide Open.

The week ends with some significant Venus Action. First, on May 18th, Venus conjoins Uranus, giving each of us some personal confidence to dress our very best and to love like we desire to be loved. Unexpected Windfalls Are Enroute. Also happening on the 18th, The Sun conjoins Jupiter in Cazimi, which is full of Re-Birth Energy for those that desire to take it in. Life truly is exciting, adventurous and unexpectedly wild, right now, so embrace everything coming into your Reality, with Open Arms, and hold on tight, and injoy the Ride.

Zodiac Natives Soul Vibes

Aries Natives

Continuing the themes of the previous week, this week is still totally focused in, on and around your material situations, on your circumstances and the endeavors that contribute to your financial bottom line, and on your material possessions and wealth. There are a few unexpected developments that will definitely come to you, requiring you to become much more flexible and much more willing to attack any challenge that presents itself, this week. Honestly, you may not even be challenged at all, because the Cosmic Alignment of the Planets points to a windfall, gain or some other event or happening that will positively affect your financial standing. This may not be so unexpected, as you could have been working on something like this, all along. You have been diligent in improving your skills and skillsets, and finally your hard work is beginning to pay off. Props to You, My Ascending Aries Natives.

Taurus Natives

This week is all about you, My Ascending Taurus Natives, and it really does not matter where you start, as this is probably going to be the most exciting and exhilarating weeks of the entire year for you. The Sun nestled in with Uranus May 13th and Venus joins this celestial party on Saturday May 18th, both in Taurus, and the Sun also hooks up with Jupiter on the 18th, and Mercury is already there, in your sigh, as of the 15th. With all of this Cosmic Planetary and Zodiacal Goodness, your head should be spinning with excitement, and with intensity. There will be some provocative chaos, and you will experience more unexpected personal growth, abundance and expansion than you could possibly hold with just your two hands. Prepare for the Increases, Accordingly.

Gemini Natives

You do not have to look outside of yourself or go anywhere for adventure, as this week, adventure will be coming directly to you and knocking on your door, My Ascending Gemini Natives. The Journey you are currently on, in search of inner peace, comfort and healing is far more exciting and necessary than any outside adventure you could possibly encounter. The inner growth you are experiencing right now, is unlike any other way you could have considered or anticipated before. You can expect major epiphanies, and major breakthroughs and major transformation to come at you, hard and heavy, thick and fast, as you navigate to and through these turbulent yet transforming times. You will be craving more down time and more alone time as you fully process through each area of life that is being affected, and through every milestone accomplishment you achieve. You will have a much more direct connection to the Cosmos, and you can enhance this even more, when you get yourself out into Nature and connect with all of the elements in your Reality. Staying to yourself, with yourself, and by yourself will be a reward that will continue to replenish itself, this week.

Cancer Natives

This is the week for you to fully allow your new desires, and your new visions and your new destinations to take form and shape, My Ascending Cancer Natives. Yes, there may be a project or two that you have been secretly nurturing along, with the desire to manifest it just the way you want, or in a certain way, shape or form, which quite honestly, probably will not happen the way you desire. There are way too many issues, and way too much chaos and way too much uncertainty surrounding this, that you may just have to trust your intuition and allow that thing to organically manifest into something that is much better and greater than even you expect. Your future has the potential to become more exciting, and more free and more abundant, all you have to do is stay open to receiving whatever the Cosmos sends your way, and in bracing for and embracing the sudden twists and turns your Soul’s Journey is about to take you to and through.

Leo Natives

Your Ruling Planet, the Sun, will be thoroughly injoying two juicy conjunctions this week, My Ascending Leo Natives. The first is the connection with Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change and the second is the connection with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance. The only question for you is where and how these qualities present themselves, in your Reality. Since these occur in the area that governs your vocation, and your income and earning capacity, you can expect to expand in ways that you have never considered, along these lines and in these areas of importance. Maybe you get an opportunity that alters your Soul’s Journey in real and tangibly expansive ways. Maybe you get a promotion or even a new job that pays you extremely well, or maybe you receive the keys to your ultimate freedom. No matter what, everything is on the table for sudden change, material expansion and financial stability. It is all happening for you and it is all up to you.

Virgo Natives

As an Eternal Student of Life, you absolutely adore and thrive during the process of learning, My Ascending Virgo Natives. You absolutely love the challenges that come with learning. You definitely love the twists and turns that take place during the learning process. You appreciate the opportunities of every learning situation and you are grateful for the growth throughout the learning process. Knowing all of this, you should be excited to hear that the Universe will be providing and presenting you with the opportunity to gain some new awareness, probably due to the start of a new and grand adventure. Maybe you are excited about flying to some exotic destination or maybe you are shedding your old self and walking towards an entirely new path of personal growth and development that ushers in a whole new and authentic You, even if that is uncomfortable. The Cosmos has You, this week, so go on and get busy discovering the New You.

Libra Natives

While there will be plenty of excitement in store for you, this week, you are heading into a more grounded and settled sense of living and being, My Ascending Libra Natives. These past few weeks has seen you in deep reflection and in even a deeper reviewing mode, as you reconcile within yourself the exact nature your needs, wants and desires concerning you getting your needs met, and concerning you standing up for and asserting yourself and concerning you having your own back. Trust and Know that all your hard inner work is about to pay off, in Spades. Now is the time for you to fully acknowledge and recognize your previous inner healing and growth efforts. Everything that you endeavor to do and be, whether it is concerning your vocation and income earning capacity or whether it is concerning your love life and potential relationship changes, you definitely will be using new communication skills you have recently acquired or learned. Yes, it has not been easy yet it is totally worth all your efforts. Just Speak Up and Speak Your Truth and everything you need, want and desire will walk right up to you.

Scorpio Natives

As the themes of the previous weeks continues to be focused on and in Taurus, your opposite sign and ruler of the relationship sector of your chart, this week will further empower you on your quest to experience the newness of relating. The Taurus New Moon on May 7th set the tone for you and ushered in some new and refreshing relationship experiences, events and happenings that can now be progressed forward, at your discretion. Yesterday presented you with an unexpected change yet it was not unpleasant nor traumatic and there is an absolutely fortunate break coming your way, this weekend. In the days in between, there will be an honest, open and transparent conversation taking place, along with there being a willingness to negotiate and to actually hear what each other are saying. There will be a slightly tricky moment happening tomorrow, May 15th, where the warning is for you to not get into any kind of power struggle. You have been told, now it is totally up to you.

Sagittarius Natives

Whatever your concept of Vocational Work is, and however that concept manifests for you, on a daily basis, this week it will be filled with and heavily influenced by lush expansion, concerning your material abundance, and with a few pleasant surprises, My Ascending Sagittarius Natives. Seriously following after the Taurus New Moon, there will be some sort of shake-up of your daily routines happening, this week, and you will be pushing yourself into areas and doing some new things that you would have never imagined just a few months ago. Now is the time for you to embrace and empower the inner changes to your persona and personality, and for you to start using different skills, and for you to tap into your natural talents, and for you to access some different gifts, in order for you to progress further than ever before. Opportunities are presenting themselves, fast and furious, and you should be catching them before they move along.

Capricorn Natives

The very concept and nature of Prue Love and the thoughts of having it or not having it, will definitely be foremost for you, this week, as you encourage and embrace new ways and means of loving and being loved, My Ascending Capricorn Natives. I AM talking about Expansive and Abundant Ways. I AM talking about Lush and Luxurious Ways. I AM talking about Sensual and Satisfying Ways. Get the Picture? I know you do. Now is the time for you to be prepared for the unexpected and for you to be open to experiencing relationships in entirely new ways and means. Maybe that looks like being more honest, open and transparent, or maybe that looks like you experiencing more freedom and liberty, or maybe that looks like you removing relationship restrictions and intimacy obstacles. Whichever way you lean and whatever you choose, know that your actions and efforts will bring much needed growth. You have the Gift of Gab, at your disposal, this week. Use it wisely.

Aquarius Natives

During these previous few weeks, you have been quite provocative or seemed to have been in a provocative mood, and you have definitely needed to speak up, speak out and step on a few toes, My Ascending Aquarius Natives. While you revel in the role of instigator, and you thoroughly injoy “Stirring up of the Pot”, you can be grateful that this influence is waning and the period is coming to an end. Right Now, all that you actually need, want and desire is some Peace, Quiet, Comfort and Bliss. The Cosmos has received your Clarion Call and dispatched just enough of all this to you, to ease your Mind and to soothe your Soul. You will be most comfortable and most creative in, at and around your Home, this week. It will not be boring or uneventful, to say the least. In fact, you are destined to have some very exciting and very expansive opportunities and developments happening to and for you. There will be some sort of WINDFALL occurring, for you, this week. Carry On, Smartly.

Pisces Natives

Regardless of the level of education you already have, this is the week for you to learn something absolutely and totally new, something tangible and touchable, something practical and profitable, something that can and will advance and secure you well into your future, My Ascending Pisces Natives. The May 7th Taurus New Moon actually prepared you for this learning endeavor and now is the time for you to just roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty with this Learning and Growing process. Allow yourself to venture into places and into subjects that you never considered before, as your Soul is very eager to expand into new areas of knowledge and innerstanding, and into those that feel both exciting and centering. There is nothing to get in a hurry for or about, as your Mind is currently fertile and ripe for knowledge. You have been waiting on this, for quite some time, so, please do not hurry through this process, and injoy every delicious bite, even those you do not expect.

Embrace The Changes and The Newness of this Expansive Energy.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!